Introduction & History

Calumet Falls, where time stands still and history whispers through cascading waters.

Introduction & History

Welcome To Calumet Falls

Calumet Falls is not just a place; it’s a legend, rich in history that spans almost two centuries. Built near the Calumet Falls, this unique property offers a contemporary ambiance anchored in a stunning natural environment. Evoking respect and recognition for Quebec and Canadian heritage, the property has been immortalized by renowned artists and has been a place of relaxation for many pilgrims, dignitaries, and heads of state. Come be a part of this serene and peaceful tradition, where elegance and inner peace reign.

Historical Marvel

A Canadian Gem Where Natural Beauty Meets Cultural Heritage

The Calumet Falls, located in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge in Canada, are not only a breathtaking natural spectacle but also a site rich in history and culture. Lord Dalhousie, a notable historical figure, immortalized the beauty of the falls by having himself painted at this site in 1825. This work of art is now preserved in the National Gallery of Canada, testifying to the cultural importance of the falls. The site therefore offers a unique combination of natural wonders and cultural heritage, making it a must-visit destination for lovers of nature and history.


harmony with nature

At Calumet Falls, we firmly believe that harmony with nature is essential to the well-being and health of the soul. Our facilities are designed to blend with the surrounding landscape, providing an immersive experience in Canada’s natural beauty. Whether through our mud baths, thermal experiences, or simply a stroll through our peaceful gardens, we invite our guests to reconnect with nature and find inner peace.


comfort and well-being

At Calumet Falls Retreat and Wellness Center, we emphasize the comfort and well-being of every visitor. Our goal is to provide a personalized and luxurious experience that nourishes the mind and body. Our exclusive treatments, tranquil environment, and dedicated team all contribute to creating an atmosphere of harmony and relaxation.



At Calumet Falls Retreat, nourishment is not merely considered a physical necessity but a source of well-being and balance. We strongly believe that the body and mind are nourished by healthy and balanced eating. Our chefs create menus composed of fresh and local ingredients, carefully prepared to support overall health and vital energy. Our meals are a celebration of seasonality and the region, and we collaborate with local farmers to ensure authenticity and freshness. Come and experience a culinary journey that nourishes both body and soul, a perfect symbiosis between taste and health.

Signature Weekend

Your Retreat Weekend!

At Calumet Falls Retreat, we have crafted the perfect spa weekend for you. From relaxing treatments to thermal baths to guided meditation sessions, every moment is an invitation to relaxation and well-being. Our experienced therapists are attentive to customizing your experience to meet your specific needs. Unwind to the soothing sound of the falls, savor gourmet cuisine, and rediscover a deep connection with yourself. It’s more than just a spa weekend; it’s a retreat that nourishes the soul and revitalizes the spirit.