Meet The Calumet Falls Gurus

Meet the wellness gurus at Calumet Falls. Discover our dedicated members and the unique services they offer, blending tradition, nature, and relaxation for an unforgettable experience.

SHANTI – Yoga / Tianshi (energy therapy) / Holistic Nourishment Guide / Energetic Channeling

Our versatile expert, leads revitalizing yoga sessions, guiding participants through an exploration of bodily and spiritual harmony. Specializing in Tianshi, an energy therapy, she aids in restoring energetic balance, thus promoting profound well-being. As a Holistic Nourishment Guide, Shanti proposes balanced dietary journeys, inviting a wholesome nourishment for both body and mind.

CARINE – Massotherapist (therapeutic / relaxation) / Singing Bowl Meditation

Our distinguished massotherapist specialized in therapeutic and relaxation treatments, unveils a realm of tranquility to our visitors. With her healing touch and deep understanding of massage techniques, she transports you to a state of absolute serenity. Her mastery of singing bowl meditation enriches each session, creating a harmonious balance between body and mind.

ISABELLE – Meditation Guide / Meditative Massotherapist / Singing Bowl Meditation

Our meditation guide and meditative massotherapist, offers a soothing journey inward through her sessions. Her passion for singing bowl meditation establishes an atmosphere of harmony and peace. With a gentle and enlightened approach, she helps to dissipate tensions, guiding each individual towards holistic well-being.

SUSAN – Massotherapist (therapeutic / relaxation)

With her mastery in therapeutic and relaxation massotherapy, Gaby offers a sanctuary of calm and comfort. Her ability to identify and work on tension areas allows for deep release and enduring relief. Her compassionate approach makes each session a step towards total healing and revitalization